247 Direct Mail Services specializes in fast turnarounds with great pricing

Mail 5000 Postcards

Quanity Printing Mail Svcs.
1,000 $75 $150*
2,500 $100 $175*
5,000 $150 $200*
10,000 $300 $320*
20,000 $580 $450*
*Does not include postage

Mail 5000 Letters

Quanity Printing Mail Svcs.
1,000 $220 $245*
2,500 $375 $308*
5,000 $670 $410*
10,000 $1,110 $700*
20,000 $2,097 $1,200*
*Does not include postage

Mail 5000 Brochures

Quanity Printing Mail Svcs.
1,000 $199 $195*
2,500 $289 $250*
5,000 $369 $300*
10,000 $649 $520*
20,000 $1,399 $900*
*Does not include postage

247 Direct Mailing Service Los Angeles

247 Direct Mail Los Angeles makes direct mail advertising easy!

247 Direct Mail Services offers a variety of direct mail solutions to fit your direct marketing needs; It's one-stop shopping for ALL direct mail services.

We can print & mail it or just mail the pieces you already have printed. We can mail quantities as small as 1,000 pieces on up to millions of direct mail pieces. And we'll give you pricing right away: Do you want to mail Postcards, Letters, Brochures, or other items? Direct Mail is our business.

We print and mail direct mail all across the United States. We have streamlined the direct mailing process for you. Whether you want to mail postcards, mail brochures or mail letters, it's an easy process for direct mail.

Do you need to reduce Direct Mail Services costs?

For good prices and fast direct mail services, you've come to one of the best direct mailing companies in the United States! We offer great value in postcard printing, direct mail printing & mail house services! We can help you reduce your direct mailing costs by using direct mail programs to NCOA merge/purge your list and CASS Certification for the best USPS postage rates for your direct mail.

With 247 Direct Mail Services Los Angeles every aspect of your direct mail campaign will be taken care of. We provide quick turn around times, reliable service, professional staff, and excellent service. We have built our direct mail business so we can help you effectively promote your business using direct mail advertising.

Getting your direct mail piece mailed is the final step.

All 247 Direct Mail Services needs is your artwork or printed pieces and your mailing listâ€ÿor we can order a list for you. For advice on direct mail lists and postage options, call us today at 818-782-5340.

We've built our reputation on results-driven lettershop services. And we're exceeding expectations every step of the way. As a full-service lettershop, 247 Direct Mail Service is capable of meeting all our client's direct mail needs. Through years of direct mail industry experience, we are able to seamlessly integrate the key direct mail components and services that are required to ensure flawless - and worry-free - execution of every direct mailing.

247 Direct Mail Services Los Angeles is a full-service lettershop and print management company with the experience, the knowledge and the technology to complete your mailings on time... every time.

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